Our Mission

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The Reynolds Group are a firm believer that what is good for the environment is good for business. We have continually been at the forefront of environmental issues and policy, being one of the first Timcon and Forestry Commission accredited heat treatment centres. We are able to heat treat large volumes of pallets, under strict controls to the internationally recognised ISPM15 standard.

We only use wood supplied from other Timcon members, sourced from managed and sustainable North European Forests. North European Softwood, with its lower moisture content, makes it up to 60% stronger than traditional pallet timbers, making a Reynolds pallet among the sturdiest available.

Uniquely, Chris Reynolds Pallets NW Ltd, attains a process recycling value of 100% across the entire business. Used pallets are remanufactured to their original specification, and any waste wood or scrap material is ground into chippings for recycling. These chippings are then used in products ranging from pellets to heat your home to flooring to decorate it.

Quality and Assurance is all important to us at the Reynolds Group. We are a member of various internationally recognised bodies, including Timcon. All products and services are pushed to exceed our strict BS EN ISO 9002 Quality Control system, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.